Amazon's latest Kindle Oasis lets you adjust the screen color for easier reading at night

Key Points
  • Amazon launches a new Kindle Oasis that lets you make the screen warmer at night, which is easier on the eyes.
  • It's the first Kindle to have this feature, most just have brightness controls, but now you can change it from a cool hue to a warmer, more orange one.
  • The all-new Kindle Oasis is available for preorder and sells for $250.
All-new Amazon Kindle Oasis lets you change the screen colors to make it more warm.

Amazon introduced a new version of its high-end Kindle Oasis e-reader on Wednesday, offering a feature that will make it more comfortable to read at night.

The last version was widely considered to be the best e-reader on the market.

The updated version has controls that allow users to change the color temperature of the display from cool to warm, which means it won't be as jarring in a dark room and is easier on the eyes. When active, it adds a bit of an orange hue instead of using just a bright white backlight.

Amazon said this isn't a blue light filter, but is simply an additional option for people who find an orange tint more comfortable. Amazon suggested that such a filter isn't necessary because the Kindle is not backlit and spreads light across the page rather than shooting it directly into your eyes, so "you can read comfortably for hours without eyestrain."

All-new Amazon Kindle Oasis

Oasis users can set the device to automatically begin to warm the display colors in the evening and cool them again in the day so it looks more like a traditional Kindle screen.

The screen size remains 7 inches and is just as sharp. It also still has the same two side buttons that can be used to turn pages. And, like its predecessor, it's resistant to water, so it'll survive if you accidentally drop it in the pool this summer.

You probably don't need this if you already own a Kindle Paperwhite, which is more affordable and has a very sharp screen. But if you have a Kindle that's a few years old and have been considering upgrading, consider the new Oasis.

The new Oasis starts at $250 with 8GB of storage, or $280 for 32GB of storage. Customers can order it now for delivery on July 24.

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