Google Maps will now help you avoid bumping into sweaty strangers on the bus

Key Points
  • Google is rolling out a new feature for Google Maps on Android and iPhone that will tell you if a certain bus is typically crowded at the time you're commuting, and if you should expect standing room only.
  • It will also tell you if your bus is delayed.
  • The feature is rolling out in 200 cities around the world.
Passengers on the New York City subway crowd together during evening rush hour May 5, 2017 in the Manhattan borough of New York City.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Google on Thursday announced a new feature that will help you avoid crowded buses -- at least if you have a choice of when to commute.

Google Maps for Android and iOS is receiving an update that gives you information on how crowded a bus typically is at the time of day when you're planning to ride it. For instance, it might say that there's "usually standing room only" if the bus is crowded. .

Google Maps can tell you if there's a delay or if your bus may be crowded.

The feature reminds me a bit of another, where Google can tell you if the establishment you're about to visit, like a restaurant, is typically crowded at that time of day and if you can expect to wait.

The update also includes new information on delays, like if the bus is a few minutes behind in traffic. Now you'll know that it's still coming.

Google already had information on arrivals for subways, trains and buses in cities that provide it with public information, but now it's offering this in other cities with traffic data it gathers on its own. The feature is available in 200 cities around the world, Google said.

To try these features, simply launch Google Maps on your iPhone or Android device and then plan a bus route. If you don't see the information yet, it might not be rolled out to your location yet.

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