Amazon home robot prototype is reportedly waist-high and can be summoned by voice

Key Points
  • Amazon is still working on a home robot, according to Bloomberg.
  • A current prototype of the "Vesta" robot is about waist-high and can roam around your home using cameras, the report says.
  • Amazon invests heavily in robots for its warehouses but has not yet launched a home robot.
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Michael S. Williamson | The Washington Post | Getty Images

Amazon is still working on a robot that will roam around homes, according to Bloomberg.

A prototype of the robot, codenamed "Vesta," is about "waist-high," can be controlled by voice and is capable of moving around on its own using built-in cameras, according to the report.

A similar report last April revealed that Amazon is interested in creating home robots that might be able to provide access to the company's Amazon Alexa voice assistant no matter where you are. Bloomberg said the robot isn't ready to launch this year as originally planned.

An Amazon representative declined to comment.

Amazon has continued to invest in robotics and in June introduced new warehouse robots including the Pegasus and Xanthus.

Amazon typically holds big product reveal events at its Seattle headquarters in September. Last year, Amazon introduced 15 new Alexa-enabled products, including a microwave. Bloomberg said a new "higher quality Echo speaker" will be announced this year, which is in line with what the company has done in the past.

Amazon's new robots to be deployed in warehouses around the country
Amazon's new robots to be deployed around the country