In wake of Kimono uproar, Kim Kardashian names shapewear company Skims

Key Points
  • Kim Kardashian announces her new shapewear brand will be called Skims.
  • The line was originally going to be called Kimono, but Kardashian drew accusations of cultural appropriation over that branding.
  • Kardashian says Skims will launch on Sept. 10.
Kim Kardashian arrives for the 2018 Met Gala on May 7, 2018, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian on Monday said she would name her new apparel brand Skims, and said it is set to launch on Sept. 10.

Earlier this summer, Kardashian was met with accusations of cultural appropriation, when she said she was going to call her new shapewear line Kimono.

The use of the name of a traditional Japanese garment didn't go over well with many people. #KimOhNo started trending on Twitter. And people became even angrier when they learned Kardashian applied for trademarks for her Kimono lines, including variations on the name "kimono."

Kardashian took to Twitter on Monday morning to say about the new name: "I love the idea that the pieces will be the closest thing to someone's skin, skimming with amazingly soft and supportive fabrics which accentuate the best parts of our bodies."


The celebrity, married to rapper Kanye West, had previously apologized for the original Kimono name, saying another brand name was in the works for her line of body-fitting apparel, akin to Spanx.

"I am always listening, learning and growing — I so appreciate the passion and varied perspectives that people bring to me," she wrote on Twitter in July. "When I announced the name of my shapewear line, I did so with the best intentions in mind."

Kardashian on Monday posted a link where shoppers can join a waitlist for Skims.

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