Watch: Trump announces executive order aimed at improving Medicare

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President Donald Trump was set to announce an executive order Thursday aimed at making changes to the current Medicare program. He will speak at a Florida retirement community about his executive order titled, "Protecting Medicare from Socialist Destruction."

Trump, who has been largely critical of Medicare for All, is issuing his version of how Medicare should work. He aims to draw a sharp distinction between his version of health insurance to the single-payer system advocated by many Democrats.

The executive order will bolster Medicare Advantage, which provides private Medicare coverage for seniors. There are currently 22 million enrolled in this program, according to senior administration officials. The plan will also offer more affordable plan options, such as the increased use of telehealth services, officials said.

This will be the second executive order focused on health-care delivery, according to the Washington Post. It will direct the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to propose ways to boost privately run Medicare plans.

Seema Verma, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administrator, has been critical of Medicare for All, calling it not "just impractical but morally wrong." She has frequently praised Medicare Advantage as a prime example of how government and private sectors can work together to offer affordable health coverage.

Verma tweeted Wednesday, one day ahead of Trump's announcement, that CMS has been "working to strengthen and protect the Medicare program."


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