Watch: Trump and Erdogan hold joint press conference on day impeachment inquiry goes public


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President Donald Trump is holding a joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, immediately following a highly anticipated White House meeting between the two leaders.

The meeting was announced amid an eruption of violence at the border between Turkey and Syria.

On Oct. 6, Trump abruptly pulled U.S. troops from the Syrian border, a decision that was met with criticism at home and around the globe as Turkish troops began attacking Kurdish forces who had fought alongside Americans to defeat ISIS in the region. Turkey considers the Kurdish fighters terrorists.

In a letter written to Erdogan attempting to persuade the Turkish leader to refrain from attacking the Kurds, Trump warned the Turkish president not to be a "tough guy" or "a fool."

Erdogan reportedly trashed the letter. But after days of battle, Turkey agreed to a ceasefire, and the U.S. dropped sanctions that had been imposed at the start of the conflict.

Trump said on Wednesday that the pair will discuss Turkish plans to buy a Russian missile system, among other issues facing the two nations.

The meeting between the heads of state occurs on the same day that the House Intelligence Committee started public hearings in its Trump impeachment inquiry.

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