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Everything Jim Cramer said about the stock market on 'Mad Money,' including 5G plays, the next bull leg, trade uncertainty

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CNBC's Jim Cramer breaks down the multiyear theme behind the 5G industry and suggests investors take advantage of any related stocks that drop on trade worries. The "Mad Money" host goes off the charts to forecast the what's ahead in the metal and mining, materials and energy sectors. Later in the show, he reveals how trade uncertainty is creating discounts on the stock market.

Buy any dip in 5G stocks

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The 5G plays on the stock market are bound to fall if U.S.-China trade negotiators fail to make headway on a trade deal and higher tariffs go into effect, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Tuesday.

However, he added, the rollout of the fifth-generation of wireless technology, known as 5G, is a secular trend investors will want to buy into regardless.

"At a time like this, we need big apolitical themes that work no matter what, and the best of them should work for years and years and years," the "Mad Money" host said. "So when these stocks get hit, you buy [them] into weakness because you know they'll be able to make a comeback as secular growers almost always will."

Natural resources can give the bull market another leg in 2020

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The bull market can find another leg to run on in the new year if natural resource sectors can rebound, Cramer said.

"The charts, as interpreted by Dan Fitzpatrick, suggest that the metals and mining stocks and the basic materials plays are headed higher, and even the energy cohort might be ready to turn soon," said the host, citing a forecast from the technical analyst and founder of Stock Market Mentor.

"If that's the case, then 2020 could be a very good year for this bull market — even as ... I am not yet a believer" in the energy stocks.

Trade uncertainty gives off incentives to buy stocks

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The uncertainty around the U.S.-China trade war creates value opportunities for investors, Cramer said.

"People are always asking me, 'How do you play the trade talks?'" the "Mad Money" host said. "I always say the same thing: Stop playing and start investing."

But that does not mean investors should include in their strategy predictions about what President Donald Trump's next move in the long-running trade dispute will be, Cramer said.

That is a functionally impossible task, Cramer said.

"Even his closest advisors might not know what he'll do," Cramer said. "He might not even know himself until the moment he tweets or announces his decision at an impromptu press conference."

Cramer's lightning round

In Cramer's lightning round, the "Mad Money" host sprints through his thoughts about callers' favorite stock picks of the day.

GW Pharma: "I have said it's a long-term hold."

Zuora: "You know what, they're in the penalty box for me. ... They just haven't delivered. I like the idea of subscription economy so much, but you have to do the numbers in the end."

Enterprise Products: "I am not in favor of buying them. If you want to buy them 'cause you want the income, that would be the one that I would buy because it's got very stable cash flows."


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