Pro-Trump America First groups raise $50 million with $42 million on hand going into 2020

Key Points
  • Pro-Trump America First organizations brought in $50 million in 2019 with more than $40 million on hand going into a key election year for President Donald Trump.
  • Some of the top donors to the PAC from July until the end of the year included UFC President Dana White, who gave $1 million.
US President Donald Trump speaks about the United States - Mexico - Canada agreement, known as USMCA, during a visit to Dana Incorporated, an auto supplier manufacturer, in Warren, Michigan, January 30, 2020.
Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

Pro-Trump outside groups America First Action and America First Policies combined to raise $50.4 million in 2019 giving the president a boost going into an election year.

President Donald Trump, whose campaign raised $46 million last quarter, will also be seeing an advantage from his flagship super PAC in 2020 with America First Action finishing 2019 raising just over $19 million, according to the groups' spokeswoman. The nonprofit, America First Policies, which focuses on promoting many of the president's policy accomplishments, brought in $31 million. The two organizations combined have $42 million on hand.

The spokeswoman, Kelly Sadler, also noted they have $48 million in outstanding donor pledges.

The success of these external organizations comes as Trump has been on trial for impeachment in the Senate and while he looks to move ahead with a variety of policy goals, including a "phase two" trade deal with China.

"America First Action is well-positioned to help the President deliver a crushing victory in 2020. All of our operating expenses have been covered for this year, so every penny we raise from this point out will be used to hammer our Democratic opponent and advance the President's agenda. No other outside group is more ready and able to help the President win reelection," America First Action's chairwoman, Linda McMahon, said in a statement.

McMahon resigned as head of the Small Business Administration in March.

We have $48 million in outstanding donor pledges. Combining our year end fundraising, fundraising to date and total pledges, this places us at $106 million, well on our way to achieve our fundraising goal for the election year.

Some of the top donors to the PAC from July until the end of the year include UFC President Dana White, who gave $1 million, Richard DeVos, husband of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and venture capitalist Walter Buckley. Trump was met with boos when he attended a UFC match in November, however, White continues to be a staunch defender of the president.

More details on the super PAC's activity will be revealed by the end of Friday's filing deadline.

Full list of donors to America First Action (7/1-12/31):

Linda McMahon $1.74M

Dana White $1M

Ronald Cameron $800K

Eliezer Scheiner $750K

Walter Buckley $640K

Elizabeth Uihlein $525K

Warren Stephens $500K

Richard DeVos $400K

Cherna Moskowitz $300K

Foster Friess $250,000

Mark Stitzer $250K

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