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CNBC asked, you nominated: Recognizing the selfless heroes of the coronavirus pandemic

AJ Horch

Across the globe, millions are struggling with the personal and economic fallout caused by Covid-19. From businesses owners and employees to frontline essential workers and stay-at-home parents, the immeasurable level of suffering and massive disruption has taken an enormous toll on daily life. 

In this ongoing weekly series, we are asking CNBC readers to nominate neighbors who have gone above and beyond, and you are continuing to answer the call. We applaud the efforts of each and every one of the HomeGROWn Heroes we have previously recognized, as well as those you have nominated below. Here are more of the compassionate, brave acts of kindness that have made a difference in so many lives.

Delivering food 

Nomination: Sheba W., Richmond, Virginia

"Sheba has always been a fighter for the justice. When the pandemic started, our state proposed releasing close to 2,000 people from prison. Knowing the devastating effect sending people from prison back to society could have on a person's immediate family and, most importantly, the overall community, Sheba started raising money to provide temporary shelter, food and supplies for them for up to 14 days. She did no-contact food drops and served people she may never meet in person. She did all that while continuing to support her own family, who were all home from school/college and while being furloughed from her job."

— Antoine J.

Sheba Williams
Antonie J

Providing testing supplies

Nomination: Dr. Ala S., Philadelphia

"Dr. Ala, a pediatric surgeon, packed Covid-19 testing supplies into their van and began making house calls in West and North Philadelphia, where people were unable to get tested because of the lack of testing facilities in these often forgotten, poor and underserved areas of Philadelphia."

— Loreen S.

Raising funds for therapy 

Nomination: Saleemah M., Englewood, NJ

"My therapist Saleemah is a true hero. I was furloughed mid-March and had to suspend my therapy sessions due to lack of income. Saleemah reached out to me and insisted on providing therapy anyway because she knew I was going through a difficult time. As she continued to digitally reroute her upcoming events surrounding black maternity mortality awareness, she rose to the aid of black people in need of therapy. She began a campaign to raise $15K to provide therapy for black people during this social shift, and even Benj Pasek matched the donations. At this moment, she's raised over $70K and counting. CBS in Philly interviewed her, and Saleemah's worthy cause is getting attention. She is an absolute hero and an inspiration."

— Stacy H.

Grooming pets cross-country 

Nomination: Brian T, New York City

"Brian Taylor, founder and owner of Harlem Doggie Day Spa, has gone above and beyond to assist pet owners during the Covid-19 pandemic and business shutdown. With the use of his grooming truck, he has delivered grooming to financially distressed pet owners who don't have hundreds of dollars to remove their pets' winter coats. Brian is also embarking on a cross-country grooming tour from NYC to LA in order to continue to groom pets through the Church Belt to the Sun."

— Soul T.

Brain Taylor, owner of Harlem Doggie Day Spa
Brain Taylor

Teaching kids to code

Nomination: Jade N., Andover, Massachusetts

"My 15-year-old empathized with kids stuck at home from school during the pandemic. She decided to share her love of coding with five 8th- and 9th-graders by starting a virtual peer teaching program. Realizing she was onto something, and that in-person summer camps were at risk, she then collaborated with our local youth services to run a successful four-week pilot coding program. With all the restrictions to ensure social distancing this summer, the youth services is able to easily offer virtual summer classes. Jade is leading a team of 16 high-schoolers to teach tech." 

— Sangeeta N.

Jade N teaching kids to code
Sangeeta Nair

Offering Covid-19 testing and relief

Nomination: Rev Kendrick C., Washington, D.C 

"Rev. Dr. Kendrick is the senior pastor of The Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church. During the coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Curry and his team have led or supported the following: Provided free Covid-19 testing at PABC for D.C. residents, partnered with the D.C. Dream Center to increase food distribution by 50%–75%, worked with the Black Coalition Against Covid-19 to address the disparate number of African Americans impacted by Covid-19, and worked with the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities virtual health ministry to assess the impact of Covid-19. We thank/honor Pastor Curry for his dedication to our community." 

— Jacquelyn C.

Nomination: Dr. Oneka M., Boyton Beach, Florida

"At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Oneka and her team at FoundCare was the first in the county to offer pop-up testing sites and made sure these sites were placed in lower economic areas throughout the county. This gave access to individuals and families who others would not have the means to be tested. Which is still going today. Which in turn allowed for her staff to continue to work during the clinics' temporary shutdown.

— Jahmar, M.

Providing help, from emotional support to a handyman

Nomination: Chris H., Sister Bay, Wisconsin

"Chris is the fire chief for Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department in Door County, Wisconsin. He led the Door County Fire Chiefs Association to start a coalition with volunteers from the community and within the Door County emergency services to help with getting groceries and meds, or if emotional support was needed, or a handyman to fix something in someone's home and much more. For anyone of any age who needed help throughout the county, there were two command posts set up in the county with volunteers working shifts to answer phone and questions. When a grocery order was made, a volunteer would go pick the order up and deliver it to the person in need.

— Robert M.

Educating nurses 

Nomination: Danisha J., San Diego

"Danisha was an exemplary nurse leader during Covid-19. She worked tirelessly alongside nursing colleagues during a time when Sharp had the most Covid-19 cases in San DIego. She looked after nursing staff on weekends, night shifts, stayed longer assuring they received breaks, supplies. After mastering pronation treatment for Covid-19 patients at Sharp, Danisha led a nurses group to Tijuana, Mexico, to educate nurses on latest Covid-19 treatment and best nursing practices to assure best outcomes for patients. They walked over the San Diego border, crossing the bridge. They brought materials, led hands-on training, met with Tijuana General Hospital nursing leadership team and participated in Q&A on best practices.

— Marketa H.

Providing technology for home-schooled kids

Nomination: David N., New York City

"David founded the Loyalty Foundation to introduce and augment technology education programs in underserved communities ensuring all children, irrespective of race, gender or socioeconomic status, have equal access to critical educational opportunities. By inspiring and instilling a love of technology, we help students develop the knowledge, skills and self-esteem they need to succeed in today and tomorrow's economy. The Covid-19 pandemic and response has disproportionately impacted underserved communities already contending with disparities in access to education and technology. The necessary protocols enacted to flatten the curve and prevent the virus' spread in NYC included a sudden shift to online K–12 learning, creating an urgent need for donated computers and funds to purchase new devices to ensure adequate technology is available to those who need it. In the face of this shift to online learning, David launched Devices4all to provide laptops and tablets to students and families in need. David is born and raised in New York and is also a former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney.

— Jeff C.

NOMINATE A HERO: Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to uplift their family, neighbors or community during the pandemic? We're celebrating HomeGROWn Heroes and want to hear their story. Nominate them today.

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