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Jim Cramer says the six things needed for market stability didn't happen this week

Key Points
  • CNBC's Jim Cramer on Friday said that only one of the six items on his checklist for market stability happened this week.
  • This was the worst week of 2023 for all of the market's major averages.

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A good checklist can keep you from doing something foolish
A good checklist can keep you from doing something foolish

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Friday said that his six-item checklist for the market to stabilize was not even close to being completed this week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite logged their worst week in 2023 so far. And the market has not bottomed out yet, according to Cramer.

Interest rates went in the wrong direction this week, soaring rather than leveling off. Expensive stocks jumped instead of dipping. Meanwhile, recession-resistant stocks did not see the upswing they needed.

One item on the checklist did pull through: Banks outperformed. If banks keep stable, Cramer said they'll be valuable by leading the market while coexisting with higher rates.

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As for the fifth item, Wall Street over-generalized the retail market, Cramer said, instead of separating out the winners. Shares of Walmart felt the pain of the broader retail industry, even though the company reported a strong holiday quarter.

Cramer advised investors to keep an eye on retail earnings next week and see if Wall Street differentiates between the winners and losers.

Finally, Cramer said he will not declare the sell-off over until the market is oversold. He has not seen that result in the S&P oscillator, which has been historically correct in calling market bottoms.

Cramer will dive further into his checklist at the CNBC Investing Club meeting in New York on Saturday.

And until those boxes get checked, Cramer said, "You've got to keep your head down. This is not the moment to go heroically over the top and try to buy something."

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Cramer weighs in on the week for stocks
Cramer weighs in on the week for stocks