Media Advertising

  • Dallas Cowboys Stadium

    The most talked about part of the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium is of course the world's largest HD video board, but a couple weeks from now it will all be about the two Miller branded bars on the stadium's field level.

  • Google Headquarters

    The company will introduce a long-awaited system that will instantly match ad buyers with ad sellers when a customer visits a Web site, reports The New York Times.

  • Wrigley Field, Chicago

    It's official. No sports team is recession proof. How do I know this? Because I spent the day at the amazing rooftops across from Wrigley Field. With other teams, it's hard to tell if it's the economic times or the performance of the team. But the Cubs provide the perfect control.

  • Twilight Movie poster by Summit Entertainment.

    For the music industry, the soundtrack for last year's vampire romance movie Twilight" was practically a miracle.  So like vampires drawn to the scent of blood, record labels, publishers and artist managers have spent much of the last year aggressively pursuing “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,”  which opens on Nov. 20.

  • Google just doesn't stop with the book-related news. Also this week Google has acquired a start-up called reCaptcha, that aims to be a win-win for the web giant.

  • Dan Brown - Davinci Code

    There's no question that the publishing industry is struggling and Dan Brown's latest book is providing a much-needed jolt of energy. The author of "Da Vinci Code" still has the magic touch six years later; his latest book sold over a million hardcover copies in the US, UK, and Canada since its Tuesday release. Bertelsmann's Random House says this is its best first day of sales for an adult fiction-title ever.

  • Google is going to continue to take share in their core search business and will benefit from advertisement spending moving online, said Heath Terry, media and Internet analyst at FBR Capital Markets.

  • six sports logos

    Forty years ago, Major League Baseball's logo was designed by a man named Jerry Dior. In honor of the logo's anniversary, we're matching it up against the logos of the other leagues and letting you decide what's best.

  • Adobe's headquarters in San Jose, California.

    Adobe, which is best known for its Photoshop, Flash, and Acrobat software, is looking in an entirely new direction with its $1.8 billion acquisition of web analytics company Omniture.

  • Yankee Tickets

    The New York Yankees know the recession happened. CNBC has exclusively obtained the 2010 ticket price list that the Yankees will send out to its season ticket holders in the coming days and prices for more than 80 percent of the stadium will remain the same.

  • Kim Clijsters, of Belgium

    Kim Clijsters picked up a significant bonus from her shoe and clothing sponsor Fila for winning the US Open. And while companies usually insure these bonuses, sources tell CNBC that Fila did not. That means the incentive money paid to Clijsters, said to be in the $300,000 range, will come out the company’s coffers.

  • lock_laptop.jpg

    Exploiting weaknesses in online ad systems is an increasingly common approach for computer criminals around the globe who hope to make a quick buck from the audiences of the sites they attack.

  • Fantasy Football the musical

    If you think you’ve seen everything on fantasy football, we’re here to tell you that you haven’t. That’s because you haven’t seen "Fantasy Football, The Musical?" We’re not kidding. It’s the brain child of David Ingber, who works at a company called Knewton by day, but combines his love of music and comedy by night.

  • Fifth Third Burger

    In March, we told the world about the Michigan WhiteCaps' Fifth-Third Burger and named it our Minor League Concession Item of the Year. Every news outlet picked up the story about the 5,000-calorie gut buster. I followed up by becoming the first to try it.

  • Twitter

    Silicon Valley's watching Twitter to see whether and how it turns its popularity into profits. The social media site's new terms of service have everything to do with the goal of improving the service and starting a revenue stream.

  • Dan Brown - Davinci Code

    It's been six years since Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" debuted, which has since sold more than 40 million copies, and now he's trying to break records and wow booksellers yet again.

  • Stock and options trading turned bullish on Focus Media yesterday as investors bet that the Chinese company will rally by this fall.

  • Jeter Jersey

    Forgive me if I'm naive, but I never heard about the Derek Jeter Yankees hit record until a couple weeks ago. Now his passing of Lou Gehrig as the Yankees All-Time Hit Leader is being celebrated everywhere I look. First at Modell's, where Jeter commemorative hit T's have been flying off the shelves.

  • Close up of someone typing on a laptop.

    The dream of quitting the day job and making a living from blog revenue has proved to be far-fetched for most bloggers. But a few entrepreneurs have found success in blog networks.

  • When I was growing up, the best store in all of New York City was a place called “Think Big!” I bought a big baseball bat, a big baseball, and for some strange reason, a big “While You Were Out” pad. I assume the store went out of business because, after a while the novelty wore off, and–to be honest–these items were hardly cheap.