CNBC Anchors and Reporters

Chery Kang

Correspondent, CNBC

Chery Kang is a correspondent for CNBC Asia Pacific. She is based in Hong Kong and covers Asia-Pacific business news across all CNBC programming.

Prior to joining CNBC, Chery was a prime time anchor for Arirang TV in Seoul. With close to a decade of experience, Chery has covered daily market news and in-depth reports throughout her career with Arirang TV and SBS-CNBC. She has interviewed various CEOs and business leaders in and outside of Korea. Her interviewees include personalities like former Bank of Korea governor Kim Choong-soo and CEO of Oracle Corporation Mark Hurd. Chery also covered developments in North Korea extensively, including the 2013 North Korea nuclear test.

Chery also produced and hosted Korea Report, a monthly news magazine on the Korean economy.

During her tenure at Arirang TV, Chery worked as the presidential correspondent covering major events like the G20 Summit, Davos Forum and Nuclear Security Summit. Chery was also the chief anchor in charge of setting the day's agenda for viewers.

Chery graduated from the Ewha Woman's University in Seoul with a degree in International Studies.