Dirty Money: The Business of High End Prostitution

America's Secret World

In every city in America sex is for sale and much of it operates in plain view. But, there’s one corner of the trade protected like none other... the business of high-end prostitution where clients can spend hundred of thousands of dollars each year. It’s a secret world with rules and practices that will change everything you think you know about the buying and selling of sex.

High Dollar Hotties

  • This woman in San Francisco uses the name "Elise Vanderhoff". She got into the business at age 28 after graduate school, while working as a counselor for disturbed teenagers.

  • "Charlotte" was in graduate school where many of her friends were also getting into the business...all looking to make some money.

  • "Jill" was working in Europe when men began offering to pay for her companionship...and then she discovered the online world.

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