Flash Crash One Year Later

  • Flash Crash: One Year Later - A CNBC Special Report

    In the wake of the Flash Crash in May 2010, CNBC and AP conducted a wide-ranging poll on how Americans saw the stock market and investing. How much have things changed? You tell us.

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    Here's some good news: it's the anniversary of the Flash Crash and we know what caused it.

  • Meyer Lansky

    You knew him as "Chunk" from the movie "The Goonies" but now he's all grown-up, is a lawyer and writing a Guest Blog for CNBC on what Wall Street can learn from Meyer Lansky.

  • It's a brave new world of securities trading and new worries for the public.

  • How does an order flow? How does it actually execute? Who facilitates the trade?

  • The May 2010 Flash Crash helped draw attention to how fragmented the stock market has become and how potentially illiquid it can be in an era of high-speed, computer trading.

  • These hotshots aren't household names. Until recently, they've shunned the limelight.

  • There is genuine concern that changes in market trading structure are leading to the death of stock-picking as we know it.

  • Worries about the role ETFs play in changing the nature of how people invest and the market’s high correlation to itself.

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    The Flash Crash of May 2010 illustrated how much the stock market has changed in recent years, exposing a new generation of players and trading systems. Here's a glossary of keywords and definitions.

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    The days of shares "changing hands' are long gone. Now it is man and machine, and sometimes, man vs. machine.  Here's a look at the  players, companies, technologies and trading platforms.

  • Four ways individual investors can fight back against a high-tech army. The trick may be to join them.


    Nasdaq OMX and NYSE cancelled trades in 10 exchange-traded funds after their prices plummeted in early trading on Thursday, raising questions about measures implemented to safeguard investors against sharp market swings after last year’s “flash crash,” the Financial Times reports.

  • Flash Crash: One Year Later - A CNBC Special Report

    As you likely remember, on May 6, 2010 an unprecedented drop sent the Dow Jones industrial average down some 700 points in minutes before it sharply rebounded.

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    The good news: we haven't had another Flash Crash, and rules implemented since the Crash have likely reduced the severity of future crashes. Now, the bad news...

  • Flash Crash: One Year Later - A CNBC Special Report

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Flash Crash, the infamous day in which the Dow plunged 998.62 points or 9.2 percent and within minutes erased most of its losses. 

  • Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange floor watch monitors on October 10, 1987.

    A small coterie of professionals exploited the Nasdaq's automated trading system for retail investors and turned it into a complex computerized network.