American Greed Episode 1: Hook, Line and Sucker | Maxfield Parrish Art Heist

Case Files

Case 1: Hook, Line and Sucker

  • The Deception
  • His smile captivates a small New Hampshire town. He's larger-than-life. But entrepreneur Barry Hunt was more than just the owner of a fishing supply store looking for investors.
  • The Crime
  • It's a sure thing…easy money and Hunt's a hero -- until his dividends to investors come late, and then not at all. Panic sets in. Investigators realize the master fisherman was also a ruthless fisher of men.
  • The Hunt
  • FBI Agent Thomas Ryan is on the case. He knows the deal... Hunt ran a Ponzi scheme –- where profits are only an illusion. Ryan follows Hunt's bogus paper trail but it leads to more questions than answers.
  • The Capture
  • Hunt heads for Nevada where bright lights beckon... promising quick, easy money. Another scheme and more victims. How will he be brought to justice? The amazing story only on "American Greed!"

Case 2: Maxfield Parrish Art Heist

  • The Heist
  • A daring heist. Under the cover of darkness... a hole is expertly cut in the roof. An alarm goes haywire. Two paintings by famed American Artist Maxfield Parrish disappear into the night.
  • The Crime Scene
  • It looked like a scene out of a movie. But this was real. The Edenhurst Gallery in West Hollywood, California was stripped of its prized possession. The murals were gone –- only empty frames remained. The thieves made a clean getaway.
  • Solve the Crime
  • There are no solid clues -– no suspects. The FBI's Art Crime Team is on the case. Special Agent Chris Calarco takes the lead –- can he find the precious paintings?
  • The Theft
  • Enter the illicit world of art crimes -- a study in high end collectors, sellers and thieves –- a portrait of "American Greed."

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