How I Made My Millions How I Made My Millions: Blue Nile | K'nex | Epic Jet


  • "Diamond in the Rough" — Blue Nile
  • The so-called experts didn't think jewelry would sell on the Internet but Mark Vadon proved them wrong. In 1998, Vandon became frustrated while shopping for an engagement ring, so he turned to the Internet. He bought his ring and then he bought the website, turning it into Blue Nile - the business that changed the diamond industry forever.
  • "Well K'Nected"— K'NEX
  • After his construction toy idea was rejected by the likes of Hasbro and Mattel, Joel Glickman decided to make it himself. He shut down part of the family's plastic business to create the toy, called K'NEX. In 1993, Toys R Us' founder called it the best toy he'd seen in years, and in 2012, the company anticipates sales of close to $100 million.
  • "Millions in the Making?"— Epic Jet
  • When the economy fell in 2008 and private jet service followed suit, two career pilots spotted an opportunity. Bill Weibrecht and Michael Lyon set up shop in a garage and created a virtual private jet service. They've since taken off with a long client list of celebrities and corporate executives, turning Epic Jet into a high flying success.


  • By: Michael Araten|President and CEO, K’NEX Brands

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