America's Top States For Business 2012

#25 Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Cincinnati, Ohio

#25 Ohio


Governor: John Kasich (R)

Population: 11,544,951

GDP (per capita): $36,283

Number of S&P companies: 28

Top corporate tax rate: None but have a gross receipts tax

Top individual tax rate: 5.925 percent

Gasoline taxes/fees: 28.0 cents

Bond Rating/Outlook: Aa1/Stable

SAT scores (average): 1606/2400

Degree Granting Institutions (colleges/universities): 215

Sources: Census Bureau (2011), Standard & Poor's (2012), Tax Foundation (2012), American Petroleum Institute (2012), Bureau Labor Statistics (2011), National Center For Education Statistics (2011), Moody's (2012), CNBC

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