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This Week on Money in Motion

Ron Paul on the Sequester

When sequestration goes into effect, government spending will be cut by $42 billion this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. So is this cut too steep? Actually, outspoken former representative Ron Paul says that the sequester will not do nearly enough. He'll tell us why sequestration will do little to stem the deficits – and he'll give his prescription for what America should do instead.

Yen: No Longer the Greatest Short?

Did the easiest trade of the year just get difficult? After a dramatic drop, the yen spiked sharply this week. So are investors losing their faith in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and doubting his bold plan to create 2% inflation? We'll break it down, and tell you how you can cash in on the yen today.

Jobs and the Market

If you're trading the U.S. dollar, you already know the importance of the U.S. jobs numbers. With Bernanke announcing that easing will continue until the unemployment rate reaches 6.5%, jobs numbers have the potential to be a gigantic driver of the currency markets. So are we due for a jobs shocker next Friday? We'll give you our prediction, and tell you how to trade the big event.