Foursquare Makes Some Privacy Changes

Can't Find the Polls? Foursquare Has an App for That

After Instagram's recent blunder over users' images and advertising, people are a little up in arms about their privacy. (Read More:Instagram Ditches Changes to Advertising Policy )

Foursquare, another social network that allows users to share their location, is well aware of this, which is why the company might have made some of its new privacy changes optional.

"The Foursquare of today is so different than the first version that launched in 2009, and we appreciate that you let us continue to evolve and build our vision. This occasionally means altering our privacy policy. When we do, we make it a priority to come up with clear ways to help you understand your privacy choices, and to communicate them clearly," the company stated in an email to users. (Read More: Facebook, Twitter Go to War With Instagram Push )

Foursquare said in its email that it will begin displaying users' full names, although the company does not require users to provide their entire names to register. So basically, if users gave their full name when they registered, that is what will appear, but they can always go into their setting and remove their last name if they do not want it showing up.

Along with showing users' full names, the company will also give more check-in information to businesses. Currently, businesses using the Foursquare app can only view the last three hours of check-in activity, the change will allow businesses to view check-ins from a longer period of time. Foursquare did not say how much it would extend the time period for check-in activity. (Read More: What Instagram's Blunder May Mean for Ad Future )

The company also pointed out that if users do not want businesses seeing when they check-in, they can still opt out of providing their location information to businesses, which is currently an option as well.

The company also published on its website a privacy document breaking down its policies in plain English.