Ex-Judge Who Shamed Apple, Now Defending Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note II
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Samsung Galaxy Note II

The judge who threw the book at Apple in a patent case with Samsung is now working to defend the Korean company in another legal spat.

In October, ex-judge Sir Robin Jacob — who was ruling over a case between Apple and Samsung in the U.K. — ordered Apple to publicly apologize to the Korean company in newspapers and on the company website for claiming Samsung copied its smartphone design.

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Now Robin is working on behalf of Samsung, according to documents filed with the International United States Trade Commission Wednesday.

The law firm Fish & Richardson filed papers with the ITC regarding its legal battles with Ericsson in the U.S. In the document, Robin is one of nine legal experts mentioned in the filing that will offer legal expertise on the case.

Samsung said in a statement to CNBC that Robin was not an employee of the company, but was an "expert" hired by the legal firm that represents Samsung.

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"Sir Robin Jacob is not a legal representative of Samsung Electronics. A highly reputed intellectual property expert and academic, Sir Robin has been contracted as an expert by a law firm that represents Samsung Electronics in its case against Ericsson," Samsung said in its statement.

Fish & Richardson did not return a request for comment as to when they hired Richardson as a contractor, but Robin signed his protective order subscription, which is a legal document that basically says he won't disclose any information in secret documents, last Thursday, according to the filing.

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