Game Plan: What’s On Cramer’s Radar for the Week Ahead?

"Other people want to make friends, I just want to make you a little money," says Jim Cramer at the beginning of every Mad Money show.

How does he intend to do that? In part by monitoring events and trying to dertermine how they move the market.

Following are the events on his radar as he develops strategy for the week ahead.


Retail will be front and center Monday. "I'm looking to hear from Ascena Retail Group, the stock formerly known as Dress Barn," said Cramer. "This company had become one of our favorite retailers for its ability to take over and rejuvenate washed out brands, however, lately it's been terribly disappointing. I'm looking for a solid quarter out of these guys as a sign they're coming out of the current tailspin."


Cramer intends to focus on analyst meetings this week, the first of which occurs on Tuesday. "I'll be listening to hear about Tractor Supply, one my favorite retailers. It has become the go to farming and gardening store out there," Cramer said.


Wednesday is shaping up to be chock full of important developments. "In the morning we get results from Brown-Forman," Cramer said. "I absolutely love the liquor trade. Although there are some very negative analysts on this stock – after results come out I think they'll have to eat crow."

Also, PetSmart reports Wednesday after the close. "Lots of people have been talking smack against PetSmart, and the stock's been relentlessly hammered. But I think the pet business remains in an uptrend and I'm happy to take the other side," Cramer said.

In addition, there are other analyst meetings that Cramer intends to monitor. "I believe Honeywell CEO Dave Cote will tell analysts about some of the terrific things happening at his company. Honeywell remains one of my all time favorite stocks and has been a fabulous performer," Cramer said.

Also, Safeway has an investor meeting – Cramer wants to hear about their organic and healthy eating business.

Finally, Exxon Mobil also has an event on Wednesday. "I have to say I am worried about this meeting. Exxon's been unable to grow its production and at the same time it is ultra conservative. Oil's been breaking down here and I don't expect Exxon to say anything that can reverse that trend," Cramer said.

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On Thursday Cramer will be keenly interested in the earnings release from Kroger. They come one day after the Safeway investor meeting. "Both companies have been taking aim at Whole Foods," he said. "I expect the Safeway Kroger tag team to produce another downdraft in WFM's stock. I'd wait until Kroger's done subtly knocking Whole Foods on Thursday, and then do some buying," he said.


Arguably, the biggest catalyst for stocks comes on Friday, when the Labor Department releases the jobs number.

This piece of economic data is fraught with troubles for the market. If employment comes in much higher than expected the market could sell-off, with investors fearing the Fed may take the foot off the gas, and begin to withdraw at least some support. And if it's it's too low, the market could sell-off on fears that the economy is too fragile to withstand sequestration.

"We really need to thread the needle on Friday," said Cramer. "However, I'm looking for a Goldilocks number that will be just enough to justify Bernanke's program while still allowing the economy to percolate," Cramer said.

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