Google Launching Delivery Service to Take On Amazon

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Google is launching a same-day delivery service called Google Shopping Express to rival Amazon's Prime business, according to a report.

The service will cost about $64 to $69, some $10 to $15 cheaper than Amazon's, and is reportedly being headed by Tom Fallows, an e-commerce product manager at Google, according to TechCrunch.

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A Google delivery service has been rumored for a while, and the company has some facets for a delivery service already in the works, including its Google Wallet service and a shopping feature that enables users to find out if an item is in stock. The strategy makes sense for the company given it's the first place most people go to look for a product.

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The search giant also recently bought BufferBox, a service that allows businesses to drop off packages at a location where the customer can pick them up.

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