The Price Where You Can Short Gold

Source: World Gold Council

If gold closes below $1,589.7, the bears will take control.

Gold saw yesterday's choppy trading turn one-directional last night, as the market traded back below $1,600 and to a low of $1595.1. After finding major support yesterday at the low of $1,588.4, just below previous lows but aligned with a retracement point, rumors continued to swirl out of Europe, allowing gold to bounce back. Yesterday's high was $1,606.8, and last night's was $1,605.1.

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Gold needed the fear trade to serve as a bullish catalyst, and with the equities holding higher lows yesterday before closing well and trading higher this morning, gold currently lacks that catalyst. Gold traded down $7 this morning heading into U.S. economic data, showing that traders are confident that the data will be strong and that the imminent fear in Cyprus has been more than relieved.

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Look for gold to hold major support at the $1,589.6 to $1,588.4 level, but note that a close below here will be very bearish. A close back into the $1,605 to $1,607.5 area is needed to spark momentum, but even a close back above $1,600 will satisfy the bull camp.

If you are considering shorting gold, sell it at $1,605 with a stop loss at $1,623 and a downside target down at $1,563. This trade risks $1,800 to make a potential $4,000.

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