Seat at the Table with Maria Bartiromo

Take a Seat with Rising Stars of the Sharing Economy

Maria Bartiromo participating in CNBC's Seat at the Table.

For something dubbed "the sharing economy," there's no better place to discuss it than over a meal. One served family-style, naturally.

At an intimate dinner party, Maria Bartiromo gives a "Seat at the Table" to the rising stars of collaborative consumption—a new breed of technology companies that offer consumers easy access to almost any product or experience—without having to own it. From vacation properties and private chefs to designer clothes and flashy cars, the young entrepreneurs behind Airbnb, Kitchit, Rent the Runway, Uber, and Getaround aim to bring the world to you.

Companies that provide access over ownership could generate $3.5 billion in 2013. Consumer engagement in rent/lease/borrow business models is attracting attention from both venture capitalists and technology industry veterans.