This company grabbing Street’s attention, says Cramer

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If you're looking to get attention on Wall Street, this is how to do it - deliver better than expected profits for the seven consecutive quarters.

That's what Schlumberger did on Friday, and as a result the Street is taking a closer look.

Largely Cramer thinks Schlumberger did and said everything right not only during the quarter, but also on its recent earnings call. Following is what Cramer found most noteworthy:

1. Return money to shareholders: "Schlumberger laid out a progressive dividend plan, as well as a gigantic $10 billion repurchase program," Cramer said

2. Margin expansion & revenue growth: "Very few industrial companies have given us margin expansion and revenue growth," Cramer said.

3. Effective new technology: "Schlumberger has new technology that allows their clients to get more oil out of the ground for less money," noted Cramer.

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4. Profitable new markets: "The company is opening up new markets such as Iraq and Venezuela," Cramer explained. "These markets that are very lucrative but had hitherto been the subject of political risk."

5. Early spending cycle: "Clients are flush and a new spending cycle has just begun," Cramer said.

6. Revenue per rig is expanding: "In previous years, we've seen more rollouts of drilling programs, but they have often required services to be given away at unattractive margins," Cramer said. "That's not the case with the current drilling programs."

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"These factors combined to grab the Street's attention," Cramer said. "Remember, there is massive competition right now for the eyeballs of analysts and portfolio managers. They're all looking for the same thing: exactly what Schlumberger is giving them, a combination of growth, both top and bottom line, as well as fantastic visibility."

As we said above, if you're looking to get attention on Wall Street, that's how to do it!

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