Cramer drafts 5 players for portfolio performance

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If you're a football fan as well as a stock investor, you're in luck.

Cramer says they involve many of the same ideas.

For example, "You can't make a football team out of nothing but quarterbacks, or only wide receivers," Cramer said. "That's completely ridiculous. Well, in the same way, you can't make a healthy portfolio out of five stocks that all do the same thing. You need different types of stock players to fill different needs."

And looking at both exceptional players and exceptional stocks Cramer draws more than a few analogies.


"In football, your wide receivers are the fastest men on the field, the guys you throw the ball to when you're trying to make a big play," Cramer explained. "So, in stock terms, that equals something with momentum, something that can still have a ton of upside."

On the field, Cramer likes Detroit's Calvin Johnson, also known as Megatron, and in his portfolio Cramer likes

"Just like Johnson, Amazon is right now coming back from an injury—the company's most recent quarter, which it reported at the end of July and which many people considered disappointing. But the stock has started to rebound."

"Of course, Amazon's trading at 104 times next year's earnings estimates, and that's absurdly expensive by virtually any metric out there, even when the company has a 36% long-term growth rate. By any sane standard, Amazon is overvalued, but you know what? You could have made that same argument sixteen months ago when this was a $194 stock, and now it's at $294. Amazon's got a cult following, and it's shown a consistent ability to make those big plays that chew up yardage," Cramer said.

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Cramer is also a fan of Cincinnati's AJ Green and says in the market, Netflix is the stock equivalent.

Like Green, "Netflix shows no signs of past bruises. After a debacle involving price increases, Netflix came out with terrific original programming like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, giving subscribers what they want—the ability to binge on shows they love—and now the company has 30.9 million domestic subscribers and 8.65 million international ones.

If you're looking for a stock that seems practically unstoppable, akin to Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, Cramer says look no further than EOG Resources.

"Even before this latest, Syria-driven move, EOG was putting up incredible numbers. When the company reported at the beginning of August, it delivered a 37-cent earnings beat off a $1.73 basis, with domestic oil production up 37%. EOG's stock has been on fire lately, and I think this run could be far from over."

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In football defense prevents bad things from happening – that is the other team scoring a touchdown. In the stock market defensive stocks prevent bad things from happening to your portfolio – losses.

"I recommend UnitedHealth Group," Cramer said. "As it turns out, the health maintenance organizations seem to be the biggest winners from the Affordable Care Act—lately premiums have been shooting higher, and starting next year, there are going to be 30 million more people looking to buy insurance. Now, UNH is among the largest players in this space, and its most recent quarter was absolutely phenomenal.


In football a kicker is a reliable player that gets the ball where it needs to go every time. "For my fantasy league I like Matt Bryant, and for our stock portfolio, I say go with Celgene. This high quality biotech play has a terrific pipeline that gives the company a ton of shots on goal with the FDA, especially in the lucrative anti-cancer space, and Celgene is good at making those shots count."

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