Omaha PD Tells CNBC Buffett House Incident Being Taken "Very Seriously"

CNBC's On the Money program started its newscast tonight with the latest on what police suspect was an attempted robbery at the Omaha home of Warren Buffett last night. A security guard on duty outside the home struggled with a man carrying what turned out to be a fake gun and wearing dark clothing and camouflage paint on his face. The man had rung the doorbell at the Buffett house. He ran away before getting into the house and is still being sought by police. (Additional details in the previous WBW post Warren Buffett Tells CNBC He's 'Fine' After Incident at House.)

Omaha Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Buske told our Melissa Francis in a live telephone interview that while can't be sure about the suspect's motives until they apprehend him, they are treating the incident as a robbery attempt and taking it "very seriously."

OTM also included a portion of a video report by Gary Smollen of the NBC affiliate in Omaha, WOWT-TV. You can see the entire report at the station's website. WOWT identifies the security guard as an off-duty local police officer and says he's not accepting interview requests.

On the Money's Melissa Francis also spoke with CNBC's Becky Quick, who talked today by phone with Mr. Buffett. He's says he's "fine" and talked in his typical light-hearted way about the incident. (Becky was in Omaha recently for Buffett's Barack Obama fundraiser. You can see her interview with Mr. Buffett from that mid-August visit in this WBW post.)

The bottom line: while Buffett is unpretentious and tries to live as normal a life as possible in the house he bought almost 50 years ago, there is some serious security there and no one should think that it's some kind of easy target.

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