Web-Only Video: CNBC's Becky Quick Reveals What She Learned On the Road with Warren Buffett


CNBC's Becky Quick has had a few days to reflect on her "once in a lifetime" trip with Warren Buffett to Asia.

(Check out the posts listed below in On the Road with Warren Buffett:The Itinerary for both her reports and dispatches from the road and the incredible TV pieces (video and transcripts) she and producer Lacy O'Toole put together for Squawk Box after they returned.)

I asked Becky to sit down with CNBC's Managing Editor Tyler Mathisen to talk about what she learned during her trip with Buffett. After all, few people get a chance to spend so much time with Mr. Buffett. (Some people even pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have lunch with him!) It turned out to be a very interesting conversation. You'll learn how one of Buffett's daily habits helps make him the great investor he is. It's something anyone can do.

Here's the web-only Reporter's Notebook video clip with Becky and Tyler:

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