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Silvia Wadhwa
Silvia Wadhwa

"Drat!" you say. "Yawn! Not more morning notes. Not another string with market pearls of wisdom I might have to read."

Fear not! I threaten you only with idle thoughts and random contemplations from the other side of the Big Pond (from beyond the Channel even). In other words, from parts of the world where a Hamburger doesn't necessarily come as a snack between two bits of a soggy roll, where a Frankfurter might well eat a wiener, and where cars -- oh, bliss! -- generally have a stick shift and a clutch!

It's also from a part of the world -- eat your heart out, friends from the British Isles -- where you can travel from country to country without ever showing your passport and, more to the point, never have to change your money.

Yes, you guessed it. These here random contemplations about this, that and the other come from the land of the, ahem, mighty €uro. (Well, allow us a bit of €uro patriotism here, eh?)

OK, that also means the land where battalions of politicians argue passionately over the size, color and bending-angle (seriously!) of bananas, about what exactly passes for a standard-size €uro condom and acceptable work practices for a €uro chimney sweep. If that doesn't justify the title of this blog -- €urocentric -- then I don't know what does.

And, before I forget it: Football! And when I talk about football, I mean the real football. You know, the one where you actually have to kick the ball from one goal to the next, without taking it for a walk in between... *wink*

Oh, and another thing. I want this blog to be as interactive as possible. Send in your comments, bash me over the head with your arguments. I'm a big girl, I can take it! And, trust me, I shall surely bash you over the head with the power of my opinions.

So watch this space and if you have anything you would like to discuss, lemme know. Anything goes!

See ya around. Ciao for now.

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