The Swagger of Success

Your Playbook
There's a new way to play the game of achievement and it's "playing nice." From a Simon Cowell slapdown to the scorched-earth proving-grounds of Chef Ramsey's Hells Kitchen, everyone who flips on a TV knows that getting ahead comes with a kick in the pants. Your playbook starts here.

Swagger of Success
It's called "Overachievement" by Doctor John Eliot.. and the message is as simple as it is controversial: arrogant S-O-Bs rule the world.. and being a good little team player won't get you squat.

Unleash Your S.O.B.
Are you an SOB? Most people are going to say... "Oh no, absolutely not, I'm a nice person." Well what if you discovered that being nice could be the biggest mistake you ever make? We put the question to the test.

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