The New Way To Get Happy And Rich

Your Playbook
If you're willing to do the work to be happy, the payoff is like getting a 40-percent raise. 40 percent is the magic number for how much happiness you actually control. We brought in Sonja Lyubomirsky, Author of The How of Happiness to break it down for you. Your playbook starts here.

The How of Happiness
Drawing on her own groundbreaking research with thousands of men and women, Sonja Lyubomirsky has pioneered a detailed yet easy-to-follow plan to increase happiness in our day-to-day lives — in the short term and over the long term: The How of Happiness

Becoming a Workaholic
If you want to get happy there's a new way to do it. Become a workaholic. Now I'm not talking that old 80's image of someone slumed over their desk.. There is a new breed of workaholics.. and they may be the happiest people in the world. Or are they?

Getting Fit For Success
Even if you're just 10 pounds overweight, you could be putting yourself at a tremendous disadvantage for making money.. and being happy. So how can you take control.. and maximize your edge? See how other successful people have done it, and what you can do to get your edge!

Join The Big Network
The Big Network is your first stop on the road to the American Dream. The Big Idea is quickly becoming the epicenter for success in America today, and here's your chance to become a part of it!