Saddam's Yacht Sets "Sail" And Eau De Moose Dung

Saddam Hussein's 270-foot long yacht is being returned to the Iraqi people, according toSail World.That's after a French court ruled in favor of the Iraqi government, and against a Cayman Islands firm partly owned by Jordan's King Abdullah. Saddam ordered the yacht in 1981 but reportedly never set foot on it, for fear it would be bombed. So what's the point? For years he let the Saudi Royal Family keep it. Sail World says the yacht included 14 bedrooms, swimming pools and a mosque. "It also has a missile defense system and a mini-submarine to help him escape in case of a possible attack." Yep, he knew how to relax. The yacht has had several names over the years: Saddam named it "Qadissiyat Saddam" after a famous seventh century battle.

The Saudis later renamed it "The Dove," and most recently, the Cayman group named it "Ocean Breeze." Last year, the Cayman group tried to sell the yacht for $35 million, but the court stepped in when the Iraqi government complained. "French police and legal officials boarded the yacht," Sail-World reports, "and reportedly found a document which stated the Qadisiyah Saddam belonged to the Iraqi government. marine circles it was generally believed to have been presented earlier in 2007 as a - cough - souvenir to Jordan's King Abdullah." Cough? Nice touch in blog writing! I'll have to borrow it.

Noreve phone cover
Noreve phone cover
Noreve phone cover

For those who - cough - coughed up $999 to pay Applefor nothing more than the privilege of displaying a glowing red gem on their iPhones proclaiming "I Am Rich," well, you're not REALLY rich unless you buy the $15,000 diamond-studded cover for the new iPhone. Yes, there were three zeroes after the 15, to pay for 272 diamonds weighing a total of seven carats. FOR A PHONE COVER. Which you will probably lose. But then, if you're concerned about losing it, well, you're not really, really rich. The phone covers are made by St. Tropez-based Noreve, which will deliver the $15,000 phone cover "in a magnificent black packaging."

Jerry Black hopes to hit the big time selling - cough- moose poop. At the website "moose-cense" you can buy a "small organza bag of six or seven or eight poops (depending on the moose)" for $2.50. Now that's a deal. Black suggests burning the excrement which smells quite sweet, unlike elk poop "which doesn't smell good at all." The logo on the website promises the stuff "burns like incense, smells like willow. No kidding." Cough.

Regarding the post which included the business of recycling so-called sexy toys , Jason J. writes:
"Wow! I am all about going green but some things should never be recycled - sex toys being the other one. I don't want to live in a world where my plastic cup or knife was formerly a rabbit or bullet. I don't want to look at my nephews race car and wonder if that engine used to give a kick start in a completely different way…"

From Robert S: "This column even made me laugh at work."

And from Beth W.: "Did you check out the logo at Hilarious!"

Yes, I did! But you're gonna have to check it out for yourself...though I did appreciate the site's desire to help us end our "petroleum dependency."

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