What's In A Palin Name??

If it seems like I'm blogging a lot, I am. Hard to get on the air. Lots of Congressional hearing equals no "face time" for Jane.

So I'm busy looking for laughs, and someone shot me this blog site. Ok, the site is selling pro-Obama merchandise, and I don't want to suggest that I am pro or anti any candidate in this Presidential race (my opinion is irrelevant). I just want to laugh.

The site features the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator--plug in your name, and discover what the Governor of Alaska might have named you had your been her child. After all, she's named her kids everything from Track to Trig.

I plugged in "Jane" and got "Bomb Locomotive Palin." I plugged in Erin's name (as in Erin Burnett) and got Comma Liberty Palin. Dylan (as in Ratigan) is Dust Chinstrap Palin. Jim (as in Cramer) is Bigger Channel Palin.

Got a few emails on the Cleavage Caddy I mentioned earlier today.

From Jason J.:
"All that is going to do is get guys in trouble - we try our best not too look but now...And what about that special moment - the shirt comes off and out falls lip gloss, foundation, gum, etc... That just leads to more questions - I am not on a scavenger hunt..."

From Jeff J.:
"Does the Cleavage Caddy allow for concealed weapons? Ohio allows this, but carrying a taser in a bra would be risky, yes?...Losing a weapon that way would really suck. Perhaps the future Manz-on-Go will address this - some men do carry guns by tucking them down their pants in front (alas, Mazantri won't call the item 'Manz Buds'?). I've also seen tasers on 'tool belts' along with cell phones, etc. A hidden tool belt that solves the revealing 'plumber's butt' problem will be HUGE. Sign me up!"

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