Outrage of the Day: AIG's Mystery Bailout Cash and Hey, How About Some Empathy?

In a special edition 'Outrage of the Day,' Cramer has not one, but two gripes on his mind: one personal and one business, which is the one he decides to start with, since "we're not about making friends on this show, we're about making money."

So the formidable Cramer ire is directed first at insurance giant AIG, one of the receivers of tens of billions of taxpayer bailout cash. Cramer's demand: "Is it too much to ask where that money is going?"

After all, it's our (the taxpaying public) money; we have a right to know where that money goes, what debts are being paid and however else those billions are being used. It's time, fumes Cramer, for AIG to open its "big book of business" and "show us the money!"

Cramer then aims his personal Outrage at the market "wizards" and know-it-alls -- you know, the ones you see crowing about how they saw this financial crisis coming and got out and, oh yeah, made a ton of money and are doing absolutely great, thank you very much.

"People are losing fortunes, their savings, their nest eggs, college tuition money, hard earned and hard to earn dollars in this stock market." Do these people -- or ANY honest, hard-working people -- need to hear smug, self-congratulatory crap? What happened to common decency and courtesy -- if not actual empathy?

"It's clichéd," Cramer says. "But would it be so bad for you to feel the other guy's pain?"

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