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    With earnings season in full swing, here are next week's trades -- brought to you today by the Fast Money Four.

  • Some big names are in today's round of Pops & Drops, including GE, Dell, Toyota, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Saks and others. Find out which ones popped -- and which dropped.

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    The S&P 500 slid on Tuesday, with investors jittery about the start of earnings season and what Corporate America will say about profits.

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    In the week's last Web Extra, the traders give their take on Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, Wal-Mart, Target and Varian Medical Systems. Buy or sell?

  • Carmen and employment gurus Jason Ferrara of and Jeff Taylor of proved on Friday's special edition of OTM that there are jobs available in several industries out there. It just takes more persistence and untraditional methods to find them these days. Several viewers called in and received advice specific to their situations -- but may apply to you as well!

  • On a happy note, Carmen is pleased to share the story of Alec Satin of New York, an IT professional who lost his job in December. While at a local job fair, he encountered OTM and soon after, made an appearance on the show seeking advice in his job hunt. Now, a few months later, he's near the end of his goal -- and you can follow his progress on Twitter!

  • What are recruiters? Usually they're staffing specialists that work at agencies whose clients range from small businesses to large corporations. These client businesses rely on the services of staffing agencies to do all the footwork of finding the right recruits to fill positions they have open.

  • Despite the persistent coverage of overwhelming job losses on the news these days, things may not be as bleak as you think. Yes, reports show that unemployment hit 8.5% in March. But to show you that you can still find a job in this downturn, Carmen presents the first OTM Job Center special today, where she'll talk to recruiters and CEOs of companies that are hiring now!

  • NOT SEEN ON T.V.: Taking just a few minutes to spruce up your online resumes on the various job sites can make a big difference in your job hunt.

  • Cramer is outraged. This morning, a piece at the Wall Street Journal lauded Cerberus, the private-equity firm that owns Chrysler and even called it a hero. "Excuse me?" questions Cramer querulously. In his mind, Cerberus is hardly a hero and definitely doesn't deserve praise for "risking" its capital in buying Chrysler last year -- especially now that the troubled car manufacturer is seeking government bailout money.