CNBC Refreshes Flagship Programme Squawk Box Europe

CNBC, the leading financial and business TV channel, today refreshed its flagship morning programme, Squawk Box Europe (6.00am – 9.00am UK) with format changes, a new news ticker and new bolder graphics.

From this morning, the programme incorporated three presenters on set, creating more debate with guests, bringing greater context to the issues discussed. The programme will continue to be hosted by Geoff Cutmore, who is joined full time on-air by CNBC presenters Louisa Bojesen and Steve Sedgwick. Martin Baccardax, CNBC’s economics editor, and Rebecca Meehan will continue to contribute to the programme with regular updates.

A new world ‘News update’ segment was also introduced each hour, to give viewers an update on the top international news stories of the day.

A news ticker has also been introduced that will run throughout the business day (between 6.00 – 19.00), which has business and breaking news headlines. The new ticker will run underneath CNBC’s existing two-line share ticker, which combines live data from all the leading European bourses.

Barbara Stelzner, VP, News & Programming EMEA at CNBC said: “The appetite for greater context to the current economic situation is the momentum behind these changes. With four presenters and up to two guests discussing issues at any one time, will bring more debate and depth to the programme, ensuring that our viewers get insightful and balanced analysis into the issues of the day.

“The other changes introduced will also enable our viewers to get a complete news update of what is happening – in business and around the world – every half hour.”

Capital Connection

Separately, CNBC announced that Rebecca Meehan will be the new anchor of Capital Connection (5.00am – 6.00am UK time), replacing Steve Sedgwick who now joins the Squawk Box Europe presenter team. Meehan, who joined the channel in October 2007, currently is a market reporter for Squawk Box Europe, Worldwide Exchange and Power Lunch Europe.

Broadcast simultaneously from Asia and Europe, Capital Connection is the official handover for the global business viewer who needs to understand the impact that news flow in one region is having on financial capitals across the globe. Capital Connection is the bridge between the Asian markets and the preview to Europe's trading day.

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