Trigger-Happy Traders

Just because we think the situation has improved, that doesn't mean it's necessarily time to buy.

On Monday night, Jim talked about how the government's investment in Citigroup gives us a much better template for dealing with financials than the draconian approach we'd previously taken. We like that the Fed is buying mortgages from Fannie and Freddie, and we really like this asset-backed plan.

By the way, we've gotten a lot of feedback about that segment, where Jim declared that so far, other than the money pit that is AIG, the government hasn't really and truly bailed out anyone. We thought it would be controversial, but that idea actually seems to have simply confirmed what a lot of smart people wanted to say but couldn't because the press insists everything is a bailout.

But back on topic, Tuesday night Jim declared that the Great Depression II scenario is no longer plausible. The fear is totally overblown. But that does not mean that stocks are going to go higher. It doesn't mean you should buy hand over fist. Things have gotten better, but that doesn't mean the market is instantaneously going to improve or that you can all of a sudden buy stocks that we've been calling verboten for months.

Saying there's too much fear and too much loose-lipped negative talk about another depression – hasn't anybody ever told you loose lips sink stocks? – is in no way saying we're in for a recovery. Being less negative doesn't mean you have to become positive.

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