The Bailout Holiday Songbook

People are out of work, so they have a lot of time on their hands. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the plethora of song parodies coming out mocking the financial crisis. Hey, if you can't song...

My contribution--"Joy to the World" renamed "TARP to the World":

TARP to the world
The Fed has come
Let Earth receive her bling...

Bill Zucker has recorded "The Tarp Song". Think of it as "Dueling Banjos" for the new century--because, in this market, many of you probably feel like Ned Beatty in "Deliverance" ("He's got a real pretty mouth").

The Tarp Song (MP3)

Zucker sings "I want some TARP, they're giving money away for free," while at the same time warning everyone to "tuck your head between your knees," and, "Now I know why they call it Fannie because their heads are up their a**".

Then there's the latest from, a parody of the Christmas classic "Go Tell It On The Mountain" renamed "Go Tell It In Accountin'". The chorus goes like this:

Go tell it in accoutin'
Bonuses still, oh, we will share
This Fed is like a fountain
So we will be restored

FINALLY, Tim Jagemann (author of last week's "'Twas the Night Before Bailout"), comes this parody of Carly Simon's "Coming Around Again". Ok, bit of a stretch here, but, like I said, this is on peoples' minds. The video is the REAL song if you've never heard it.

Jagemann calls his parody "Coming Around Again--the Madoff Version". Here are some of the lyrics:

Profit teases, Return pleases, Bernie breezes in
So good on paper, So hypnotic, So bewildering
You know nothing seems the same, But you were willing to play the game, Now there's no one else to blame
So don't care if you fall apart, No one else was very smart

You thanked your broker, Bought the jet plane, Kissed your cash good-bye
Now you break a window, Regret the day, Kiss your cash good-bye

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