South Park Explains the #%^&-ing Economic Crisis

Oh my god, they killed the economy!


The recession hit Comedy Central's "South Park"this week, as the cartoon pottymouths confronted job losses, store closings and hot dogs for dinner—again.

(Has Stan’s mom been watching “Depression Cooking with Clara” on YouTube?!)

Stan’s dad tries to explain how the family suddenly has no money — A “bunch of idiots … who weren’t happy with what they had … just blindly started buying any stupid thing that looked appealing” — while mixing up a cocktail in his “Margaritaville” mixer.

Naturally, they bring religion into the mix: Kyle becomes a savior with a credit card and Cartman plays Judas to his Jesus.

One of its best moments comes when Stan embarks on a quest to return the margarita maker and winds up at the Treasury, where he learns how a bailout really works: Officials cut off a chicken’s head and let it run around a wheel-of-fortune board with options such as: LET IT FAIL, NATIONALIZE!!!, TAX THE RICH and TRY AGAIN.

The chicken collapses on BAILOUT and the verdict is rendered: This insurer will be bailed out.

Everybody, sing it with me:

Wastin’ away again in Bailout-a-ville
Searchin’ for my lost shaker of TALF
Some people claim that there’s a banker to blame
But I know—it’s my own damn fault
Yes and some people claim that there’s a banker to blaaaaaaame
And I know—it’s my own damn fault

Ba ba ba da da …

Click on the video below to see part of the episode:

Pony Treats:

When Doves Cry Over AIG. The Purple One was on Jay Leno last night with his newest revolution: a song about the bailout for the "fat cats on Wall Street" — AIG — while his old neighborhood continues to suffer. Being Prince, you couldn't understand most of the words (like they matter) but there was definitely a "sexy groove" in there. Who knew revolutions could be so hot? (Watch the YouTube video.)

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