Inaccurate Ad Of The Week: EAS

Readers of this blog know I stare at ads and try to pick out inaccuracies. Trust me, I'm no longer on the greeting card list at M&M's, Blackberry , Sprint , or DirecTV.

Today's victim? The folks at EAS.

I was reading one of my favorite magazines today and they have this picture of their endorsers, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley.


Since they don't have official deals with the teams or the leagues, they're both dressed in purple. Utley is called a "World Champion 2nd baseman," while Fitzgerald is called a "Champion Wide Receiver."

Wait, what?

The Phillies did win the World Series last year, but are the guys at EAS unaware that the Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in this year's Super Bowl? Are they aware that Fitzgerald didn't win a title in college either? To cut down on write-ins here, I'm saying right now that winning the NFC Championship should not qualify you as a "Championship Wide Receiver."

Questions? Comments?