Warren Buffett Tells CNBC We're Past Pearl Harbor, But Economic War Isn't Over

Warren Buffett - "Still at War"
Warren Buffett - "Still at War"

Warren Buffett tells CNBC's Becky Quick that the U.S. economy has made it past the "Pearl Harbor" conditions of last September, but he says "we're still at war."

In a taped interview last night ahead of this weekend's shareholders meeting, Becky asks Buffett if he still thinks we're in an "economic Pearl Harbor".

That's how he described conditions last fall in an interview with CNBC.

Here's what he says now:

"Well, no. We're at a war now to some degree, but Pearl Harbor was September. Pearl Harbor was September. At that point, you could have lost the war. And there was a strike at the heart of the American system, the financial system. And we got past that. Some of the right decisions were made then, so I give people great credit for doing that. The war isn't over, though."

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