What's Up With Warren Buffett and Carl Fredricksen?

Warren Buffett (left), Carl Fredricksen (right)
Warren Buffett (left), Carl Fredricksen (right)

Is there a connection between Warren Buffett and Carl Fredricksen?

Buffett is a 78-year-old billionaire and financial sage who flies in a private jet when he leaves his Omaha home.

Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman who takes his midwestern home with him when he goes flying.

They're both characters, but Carl is fictional.

He's the star of Up, Disney/Pixar's latest animated film. It's out todayand getting very strong reviews.

I can't take the credit, or the blame, for noticing the resemblance. That goes to Caitlin McDevitt at Slate's The Big Money, who light-heartedly suggests it "may be more than a coincidence."

She asks, "Could someone at Pixar be equating Buffett's predictions to a lot of hot air?"

Perhaps the usually "grounded" Buffett will become unhinged by the economy's troubles, sending him "spiraling uncharacteristically out of control."

One key difference: Carl's creators describe him as a "grouchy old man" while Buffett always seems to have a smile on his face.

They say Carl is physically modeled, at least partially, on the actor Ed Asner, who provides the voice of the character.

Other cited influences: the late actors Walter Matthau and Spencer Tracy.

You be the judge.

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