DeVry: Making The Grade

Aside from the economy and energy, education is the other issue at the front and center of many debates with many hoping for a change in how Americans are educated. This was one of the topics addressed last week at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Maria discussed this with Eli Broad of The Broad Foundation and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who told her that America has lost its way when it comes to education.

We'll continue that discussion today with DeVry'sPresident and CEO Daniel Hamburger. DeVry's story is an interesting read on where our economy is going. It replaced General Motors on the S&P 500 on June 8th and Mr. Hamburger says this is an indication of the shift in our economy, from a manufacturing to a knowledge economy. (Interesting tidbit: Hamburger grew up in a Detroit suburb and his first job out of college was an internship at GM!)

Today, DeVry marks this milestone by ringing the Closing Belland Mr. Hamburger joins Maria in an exclusive interview at 3:20pm ET.

Meanwhile, here're some interesting stats on DeVry, courtesy of Richard Peterson at Standard & Poor's:

  • DeVry shares have advanced some 3900% since their IPO in June 1991
  • DeVry is expected to post better than 49% EPS growth for its Q409 earnings compared to Q408

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