Wanted: 'Marijuana-Dispensary Reviewer' (Pot Critic)

Duuuuude. I just found you a totally awesome job: Westword, an alternative weekly in Denver, is looking for a freelance writer to review marijuana dispensaries.

Hemp Plant
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Hemp Plant

Colorado is one of 13 states that allows the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes for patients who have cancer, HIV, glaucoma, muscle spasms and other conditions involving severe pain.

Marijuana dispensaries in those states offer a variety of products from the smokable type of marijuana to marijuana-infused pesto, hummus, candy and other products.

“The medical marijuana industry has exploded in Colorado,” said Patricia Calhoun, the editor of Westword. So, they’ve toyed with ways to "cover" the industry, including opening a medical-marijuana clinic in their building to help offset declining ad revenues that are plaguing the newspaper industry. (“The whole industry could be saved!” Calhoun quipped.)

Instead, they settled on doing weekly reviews of marijuana dispensaries in a feature called "Mile Highs and Lows." Calhoun likened the job to that of a food critic.

This position will require you to have a state medical-marijuana ID, so you'll either have to have one of those pre-existing conditions — or get one pretty quick.

You don't have to actually try the marijuana at the clinics to get the job, but uh, they wouldn't discourage a review of the products if you were so inclined. There's actually a lot to cover about a marijuana dispensary, from the ambiance and how tough they are on documentation of your marijuana-needing condition, to how much the products cost and the variety.

A staff writer, writing under the pseudonym "Joel Warner," is currently doing the marijuana reviews but they don’t want to, uh, burn him out, so they’re looking for a designated freelancer to do the job.

If you’re interested, send your resume — “informal is okay; handwritten on rolling papers isn’t” – along with a one-paragraph essay on “What Marijuana Means to Me” to Joe.Tone@Westword.com. Calhoun says they’ll publish some of the funniest submissions.

Hey, do you have any Fritos ? I’m starving.

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