Why It's Still 'Best Time' To Buy Stocks: Chief Investor

Stocks pulled back again in late trading Friday, pushing the Dow more than 100 points lower. What should investors expect from the markets next week? Rob Morgan, chief investment strategist at Fulcrum Securities, shared his insights.

“We’re headed higher in the short-term,” Morgan told CNBC.

“There’s a lot of momentum behind stocks."

"Since we had our lows in February, not only have stocks been straight up, but breadth has been very impressive and that’s the most notable things about this advance.”

Morgan said March, April and May are the “best times” to buy stocks.

“During the summertime we have some storm clouds brewing, so we’ll get a sideways market,” he said. “But with all this momentum, we may be able to climb the wall of worry as we get into June, July and August.”

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Bank of America

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