The 10 Best Graduation Speeches Ever: From Will Ferrell to Steve Jobs

Ahhhhh, graduation season! That time of year when we take our youngest and brightest and kick them out of the academic nest and into the real world.

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Before they go forth, flapping and squawking into the world, we usually send in one of our top leaders of business, politics or pop music to offer some words of inspiration and wisdom to guide their flight path — or at least entertain them while they flail.

And so, without further ado, here are the10 Best Graduation Speeches — From Will Ferrell to Steve Jobs!

Includes quotes from:

  • Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers
  • Will Ferrell, comedian, actor
  • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft
  • Bono, rock star, U2
  • Stephen Colbert, comedian, host of "The Colbert Report"
  • Winston Churchill, former UK prime minister
  • Woody Hayes, former football coach at Ohio State
  • Charlie Munger, VP, Berkshire Hathaway
  • Mary Schmich, columnist for the Chicago Tribune
  • Steve Jobs, founder of Apple

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