Greenspan and Bartiromo from the Aspen Institute

A programming note here for you -

Today and tomorrow, Maria Bartiromo will host CNBC’s Closing Belllive from Aspen Ideas Festival.

Over the last 50 years, this gathering has become the place for global leadersto come and gather at the one of the world's most beautiful spots to discuss the most innovative ideas and the most pressing issues.

This afternoon we'll be talking with:

  • Our headliner: Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman to get his take on the economy and whether or not he sees a double-dip.


  • Walter Isaacson, President & CEO of The Aspen Institute will talk about what people are saying from the environment to education, innovation and everything in between.
  • Marvin Odum, President of Shell Americas will sit down with us to give us his take on oil prices and his view of what the oil industry can do to prevent future catastrophes like the BP Spill.
  • Market commentary this afternoon will include David Hale, Chairman of David Hale Global Economics and Chris Hyzy Chief Investment Officer at U.S. Trust, a division of Bank of America Private Wealth Management . Hyzy expects the S&P to hover in the mid 1200s this year and that we are in a recovery but we may hit a few soft patches along the way.
  • And finally, Michael Mendenhall, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer of HP will join us in a discussion about how’s technology is changing the equation, the tech’s role in sustainability.

Here's today's line up of guests:

  • 3:15pm/et: Walter Isaacson
  • 3:40pm/et: Marvin Odum
  • 3:50pm/et: David Hale
  • 4:30pm/et: Alan Greenspan
  • 4:50pm/et: Michael Medenhall



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