Chevron's Legal Troubles Enough to Avoid Stock?

For Monday's Mad Mail, Sean told Cramer he's considering buying shares of Chevron . But while doing his homework, he learned it's being sued in Ecuador for environmental damages to the tune of $27 billion. He wondered if this is enough to pass on CVX.

No, said Cramer. He thinks the suit will be settled for a "couple billion" and wouldn't worry about it.

"If BP can survive what happened in the Gulf, I'm not worried about Chevron," he said.

Speaking of BP , Jimmy in Belbrook, Ohio asked when Cramer thinks it will reinstate its dividend. Cramer guessed it would happen next year, but recommends looking at ConocoPhilips instead.

Keeping with the energy space, Arne asked Cramer about Ultra Petroleum . Cramer said this and other natural gas stocks haven't received support from Washington, which hasn't helped the space. In turn, Chesapeake Energy is the only nat gas stock he's recommending right now.

Meanwhile, Judy told Cramer's she's long Oracle and asked if she should sell on this pop. He thinks she should hold onto the stock and reevaluate at another time because things seem to be working for Oracle now.

Robby, a student at the University of South Florida, asked for Cramer's thoughts on JDS Uniphase . Cramer said he likes this stock, but has only been burned by it. Instead of JDSU, he recommends buying Apple .

When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple and ConocoPhilips.

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