Palin Says She Could Beat Obama in 2012 Election

Sarah Palin says she could defeat President Barack Obama if she were to seek the White House in 2012.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

In an excerpt of an ABC News interview released Wednesday, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee says she is considering a presidential run.

When asked directly if she thought she could defeat Democrat Obama, the former Alaska governor replied, "I believe so."

An Associated Press-GfK poll this month found Palin the most polarizing of the potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates. The poll says 46 percent of Americans view her favorably, 49 percent unfavorably, and 5 percent do not know enough about her to form an opinion.

Yet among adults who identified themselves as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, 79 percent view her favorably. (Who would you vote for? Take our poll below and share your opinion.)

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On the same day Palin made her remarks, real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump hinted at possible run, as well. Trump told CNBChe is thinking about entering the 2012 race for the White House, but did not reveal his party affiliatation or the timetable of any potential candidacy.

The White House has had no reaction Palin's or Trump's comments. President Obama is spending the day in Washington, attending a meeting about the new START treaty and gathering in the Oval Office with Democratic congressional leaders. Tonight, he will travel to Portugal to attend NATO and EU summits.