Selling Green In The Swiss Alps


A pristine alpine setting like Davos, Switzerland is about as a place as you can find to push sustainability and cleantech.

Shi Agassi, CEO and founder of Better Place, knows that and he's at WEF's annual conference, promoting his company, which provides services for electric vehicles.

Agassi, an Israeli, is now working with the government and companies to set up a network of battery charging stations in Israel, where gasoline costs $8 a gallon.

"Infrastructure like ours will accelerate adoption by consumers," says Agassi of electric vehicles, EV, which are all the rage in Detroit.

Davos 2011 - See Complete Coverage
Davos 2011 - See Complete Coverage

Agassi's company is also working in the U.S., where Better Place is taking part in a program to set up and deploy a group of battery switching stations in the San Francisco-San Jose corridor to service a fleet of zero-emission, switchable taxis. The program has DOE funding.